DH 102 // method review

Prof. Mackenzie Brooks

November 13, 2018

Readings + Method Review

Group yourselves by project

Spatial History

  • In "What is Spatial History," what is the difference between "representations of space" and "representational space"?
  • What are the limits of GIS or "absolute space" according to Richard White?

Matt Wilkens

We tailor our work to the kinds of questions we can answer straightforwardly and well, which as a practical matter has meant those that yield to close readings of a few texts. This means in turn that potentially interesting questions with which we don’t have the ability to grapple haven’t been merely ignored or set aside, but have remained largely invisible to us.

Matt Wilkens

  • Tell me about the structure of this article.
  • What are his claims?
  • What are his methods?

Method Review

  • For the project in question, how do they define spatial relationships?
  • What is representational about the space?
  • What mapping tools are at play? How can you tell?
  • What features work & what don't?
  • Where did they get the data?

Activity 1: Research Collab

what question do you want to answer with a map?

Unit 3 prep

  • Use existing data set or create your own?
  • Use new data or familiar data?
  • Use historical map or not?
  • What type of map?
    • Storytelling
    • Time/Movement
    • Boundaries
    • Dropped pins