DCI 102 // command line

Prof. Mackenzie Brooks

September 13, 2018


  • introduce first assignment!
  • reflect on learning tech
  • HTML/CSS review
  • command line!

we can all be technical with the right teacher


  • What does society say about learning to code?
  • What's wrong with that narrative, if anything?
  • How did I learn to code? How did I feel about it?


  • is structured
  • is semantic markup
  • is made up of elements/tags
  • describes the content

html syntax

<tag attribute="value">My Content</closeTag>

head vs. body

  • <head> contains metadata, isn't displayed
  • <body> contains the content, is

classes + ids

  • <div class="blueBox">Content</div>
  • .blueBox {background-color: blue;}


  • affects the way your page looks
  • is a different language/syntax than html
  • saves time/ensures consistency
  • styles the content

css syntax

selector {CSSproperty:value;}

unit 0 / activity 6


Please seat yourselves in small groups by operating system.

How computers work

Command line

  • vs. GUI
  • container = shell
  • tree structure


$ command parameters -flag

  • $ says start after me
  • command = what to do
  • parameters = how to do it
  • flag = use this option

Programming Historian lessons

for Tuesday