DH 102 // Text analysis tools

Mackenzie Brooks

October 2, 2018

data visualization

A method of deforming, compressing, or otherwise manipulating data in order to see it in new and enlightening ways. A good visualization can turn hours of careful study into a flash of insight, or can convey a complex narrative in a single moment.

Historian's Macroscope


Visualizations can also lie, confuse, or otherwise misrepresent if used poorly.

Historian's Macroscope

what makes bad data viz?

what makes good data viz?

  • appropriate chart type
  • reasonable colors
  • labels/legend
  • but not too crowded
  • scaled for data

Data Viz Examples


team 1 team 2 team 3 team 4
Bancks Anne Mary Hampton Peyton Gunnar Ian Amanda Maggie Duncan Karel Conner Kathleen Rich Madeline Charlie Jenna

Text analysis tools

Evaluation questions

  • Who created this tool?
  • What documentation is available?
  • How do you input/output data?
  • What visualization options are available?
  • What types of questions does this tool enable?

Project planning

  1. What is my research question or topic?
  2. What are the biggest problems I have found with the data? What are realistic solutions?
  3. What methods/tools am I interested in using?
  4. What resources do I need?
  5. What are my next steps? Break them down!