This course consists of 3 units of repeating assignments. Each unit is worth 30 points. Within a unit, each of the 6 assignments is worth 5 points each. The remaining 10 points is earned through active particpation and engagement in the course.

Assignment details can be found on each unit's assignments page. Assignment will be turned in on your website or in Box. Grades will be accessible through Sakai.

Breakdown Points
Unit 1 - due October 9th 30
Unit 2 - due November 6th 30
Unit 3 - due December 7th 30
Participation 10


  • Methodology Review
  • Research Question
  • Data set
  • Results
  • Documentation
  • Reflection

Participation & Engagement

In this class we'll engage with unfamiliar technology and concepts in what is hopefully a supportive, inclusive environment. I depend on you to be an active, prepared member of this course. We have a two hour course block in order to accomodate the hands-on technical work required for your projects, so attendance is essential. That being said, you can demonstrate engagement with the course through a variety of means - not just being talkative in class. You can earn up to 10 points with the following:

  • Blog posts (1 point each). You can write up to 2 posts per unit. Topics and due dates can be found on the assignments page.
  • Activities (1 point each). You can earn up to 2 points per unit by completing selected activities begun in class. The activity page will indicate which activities are point-worthy.
  • Speakers (1 point each). You can earn up to 2 points by attending relevant speaker events and writing a blog post about the talk and its connection to the class. Relevant speakers will be included on the schedule.
  • Blog comments (1 point each). You can earn up to 2 points per unit by commenting on other students' blog posts. Add a bookmark to your Box folder to ensure I see your comment.

If you're unable to attend class, please notify me before class begins. Each unexcused absence will deduct 5 points from your final grade.

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