Unit 1 / Text

Thursday, 9/6/18

Read for Tuesday:

Tuesday, 9/11/18

  • Kellie Harra to share Rewriting the Code
  • Discussion: readings
  • Lecture: How the internet works
  • Lab: CPanel
  • Lab: HTML + CSS
  • Slides

Read for Thursday:

Thursday, 9/13/18

Read for Tuesday:

Tuesday, 9/18/18

Methodology review

  • Lecture: 4 ways to read a text
  • Lab: text analysis by hand

Read for Thursday:

Due on Thursday:

  • Unit 1 Methodology Review

Thursday, 9/20/18

Methodology review
Data introduction

  • Assignment: Methodology review due to your Box folder by 2:45pm. Be prepared to share.
  • Data set introduction
  • Lab: RTP scavenger hunt
  • Slides

Read for Tuesday:

Tuesday, 9/25/18

Data cleanup

  • Guest speaker: Prof. Jason Mickel, slides + answer key For Thursday:

  • Please spend some time in the RTP text files with the following questions in mind:

    • What potential research questions interest you the most?
    • Even if the project seems too big for execution now, what type of text analysis methods would you like to pursue?
    • What would make the RTP easier to work with?
    • Specifically, what can you do to the text files to make them easier to work with?
  • Review the Assignments page for Unit 1. Bring questions.

  • Read: Argument Clinic

  • Look over: Lexos Manual

Thursday, 9/27/18

Data clean up + project work

  • Lab: data exploration, cleanup
  • Lab: project prep + Lexos
  • Slides

Read for Tuesday:

  • The Historian's Macroscope, "Making Your Data Legible" through "Making an Effective Visualization." (Don't worry about implementing all these suggestions, we will continue to work with visualizations in the next two units.)

Due Tuesday

  • Research Question

Tuesday, 10/2/18

Data viz + project work

  • Assignment: research question due
  • Lab: text analysis tools + individual consults
  • Slides

Read for Thursday:

Thursday, 10/4/18

Project work + documentation

All Unit 1 assignments due 10/9/18 by 2:45pm

Unit 2 Network

Tuesday, 10/9/18

Methodology review

  • Unit 1 project debrief. Be prepared to share your results for Unit 1.
  • Guest speaker: Alex Farley '19 + Kellie Harra

Read for Tuesday the 16th:

Due Tuesday the 16th: methodology review

Thursday, 10/11/18

No class, reading days

Tuesday, 10/16/18

Methodology review

  • Assignment: project review due by 2:30pm. Be prepared to share.
  • Discussion: readings + assignment
  • Slides

For Thursday:

Thursday, 10/18/18

  • Critical DH discussion?
  • Data set introduction
  • Visit to Special Collections?
  • Slides

Read for Tuesday:

Tuesday, 10/23/18

Data structures
Data cleanup

  • Lecture: linked data
  • Lecture: How to structure data
  • Lab: Open Refine
  • Slides

Attend "How Big Data Increases Inequality and Destroys Democracy" Cathy O'Neil: 10/24 at 5:30 PM in Northen and write a blog post for participation point

Thursday, 10/25/18

Network analysis tools

Read for Tuesday

Due Tuesday: Research question

Tuesday, 10/30/18

Project work

  • Activity 5

Prepare 1-2 network visualizations and 1 piece of documentation for peer review on Thursday

Thursday, 11/1/18

Project work + Documentation

  • Peer review of documentation, visualizations
  • Slides

All Unit 2 assignments due Tuesday 11/6 by 2:45pm.

Unit 3 Space

Tuesday, 11/6/18

Methodology review

  • Unit 2 presentations
  • Don't forget to vote!
  • Intro to Unit 3
  • Slides

Read for Thursday:

Thursday, 11/8/183

Methodology review

  • Guest speaker: Sean Tennant from UVa

Read for Tuesday:

Unit 3 Methodology Review due Tuesday, 11/13

Tuesday, 11/13/18

Methodology review + Data

  • Methodology review discussion
  • Lab: collaborative research
  • Unit 3 prep + planning
  • Slides

Read for Thursday:

Thursday, 11/15/18

Methodology review + Data

  • Lecture: open data
  • Activity 2: Data Assessment
  • Slides

Read for Tuesday:

Research question due Tuesday the 27th

Thanksgiving break

Tuesday, 11/27/18

Methodology review + Data

  • Activity 3: Mapping tools sandbox
  • Data set/project approval and consults

Thursday, 11/29/18

project work

For Tuesday: Prepare for peer review by embedding your map onto your website and posting your project narrative.

Tuesday, 12/4/18

project work + peer review

  • Activity 4
  • course evals

Thursday, 12/6/18

wrap up

  • Unit 3 presentations

Unit 3 assignments due 12/6/18 at 2:45pm

Finals week

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